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Our Company’s History

Michael founded Michael Schojer Specialty Roofing in 2003

Michael Schojer was born and raised in Hagen, Germany. As a young man, he studied for three years as an apprentice at the Lorenz Burmann Roofing School. He was trained by Master Craftsmen in all aspects of roofing and sheet metal. He graduated as a certified roofer in 1981.

Over 30 Years Experience in Tile, Slate & Metal Roofing

Since then, Michael has been steadily working in the tile & slate roofing trade, both in Germany and the United States, giving him over 30 years of roofing experience. He has restored roofs on farmhouses and castles that were 850+ years old. He is also proud of the fact that he has roofed many historical buildings throughout the Denver metro area and the Front Range, including the stunning Cathedral Basilica!

Custom Sheet Metal Work to Compliment Your Tile or Slate Roof

Custom sheet metal work is another of Michael’s outstanding talents. When he saw the tile and slate roofs he was installing, copper guttering was a unique and fitting “accessory” to the beautiful roofs.

Michael developed the skills to work with many different metals including, copper, titanium, zinc, and CopperPlus. CopperPlus is a cost effective copper alternative particularly well suited to Colorado and is often used to create unique ornamentation such as copper chimney-pots, copper beaver tail roofs, and other ornamental items for customers.

“I have a passion for roofing with tile and slate! Additionally, any unique projects such as the fabrication of copper chimney pots, are special and enjoyable to create. In a nutshell, my job is to create, restore, or preserve a roof exactly to my client’s specifications.” – Michael Schojer

Your Satisfaction is My Guarantee

I promise you personal service, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. It is my goal to be a superior resource for product knowledge and availability – especially unusual or hard-to-find tile, roof ornaments and any other items needed to make your roof exceptional both in quality and appearance. “Your satisfaction is my number one priority.”

Michael is very knowledgeable, well trained and committed to providing the best workmanship possible. We highly recommend his services.

D. Shannon and K. O’Keeffe – Denver, CO