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Denver Tile and Slate Roofs Exclusively

While many roofing companies are willing to work on all types of roofs, including tile roofs and slate roofs, at Michael Schjoer Specialty Roofing we work exclusively on slate roofing, tile roofs and metal roofs.

We believe the repair, restoration and installation of tile, slate and metal roofs require the highest quality workmanship and a level of expertise that takes a full time commitment to master. This combination of old world knowledge and constant study of new materials and technology is critical to providing the standard of service our customers deserve.

Custom Sheet Metal Work

We also operate our own sheet metal shop to fabricate custom gutters, cornices, finials, scupper boxes, clean-out boxes, or any other items a job may need or a customer may desire.

Old World Craftsmanship

Another part of our commitment to deliver true old world craftsmanship employs a hands-on method. That means Michael will personally be on your job every day from start to finish!

We have been able to maintain the highest industry standards because, at the end of the day…we are people that have a passion for what we do.

Michael is a quintessential ‘Old World Craftsman.’ The quality of his work is excellent and he cares, more than any other roofer, about protecting his customer’s property. When he says he will perform, he does!

P. Powers – Denver, CO