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Slate, Clay Tile & Ceramic Tile Roofing Materials

Choosing the right materials for your slate roof or tile roof repair, restoration or installation can be a daunting task. With questions of aesthetics, budget, quality, and availability all having important how does pocket option work consequences, it’s vitally important that these things be addressed from the very beginning.

Michael has over 30 years experience helping with everything from tile and slate options and selection, to planning, budgeting, and final installation.

Slate Roofs

Michael can help access many sources of reclaimed slate, and has contacts with the top North American and European slate quarries who produce some of the finest slate in the world. Michael can match many slate roofs where original looking aesthetics are important in a historic restoration or a new addition to a historical building.

Clay – Ceramic Tile Roofs

With access to many sources of reclaimed tiles, Michael also has contacts at selected European clay and ceramic tile manufacturers who will custom manufacture tile so he can match many tile roofs where original looking aesthetics are once again important in a historic restoration pocket option demo trading , or a new addition to a historical building.

Michaels’ European tile manufactures can also offer a very cost effective solution to many tile needs. Even factoring in the cost of shipment and import fees, the result is often quite favorable for some of the finest tiles in the world, which when properly installed and maintained, could literally last for centuries.

Custom Sheet Metal

If you are considering adding gutters, or other functional or ornamental sheet metal to a project, Michaels’ expertise with different metals will provide you with many options. One alternative to copper that Michael often recommends is Copper Plus, a cost effective alternative that takes on the classic copper patina.

Trained in Germany by Master Roofers, Michael will bring true old world craftsmanship to your slate roof or tile roof project. From repairs, to historic restoration and new installation, every detail will be personally overseen.

If you would like to learn more about some the materials and suppliers Michael uses, please visit Erlus. Erlus is a German clay tile manufacturer, whose tiles we recommend and often pocket option legit use. They have been making fine clay tile for over 150 years. (eng)

Cosella Doerken is the world leader in breathable roof underlayments. We use their materials on many jobs.

Rheinzink is the world’s biggest manufacturer of Zinc products with an emphasis on roofing.

Metaltech is a distributor for Rheinzink and handles other materials like CopperPlus, an affordable alternative for copper gutters etc.