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Custom Sheet Metal Work

Custom sheet metal roofMichael understands that a slate or tile roof is an important part of a homes architectural personality. When he was studying roofing in Germany, he noticed copper guttering was often a unique and fitting “accessory” to the gorgeous tile and slate roofing work he was installing.

Michael trained and worked hard to develop the skills to work with many different metals including titanium-zinc, copper, and CopperPlus. He can either solder or weld lead your metal pieces, an almost lost art these days. He often creates unique ornamentation such as copper chimney pots, copper beaver tail roofs and ornamental items, as customers find these pieces to be a great addition to their beautiful roofs.

Many items are made by hand, using the techniques and skills of the old world craftsmen he trained under. Some of the work is preformed in the same way it was hundreds of years ago.

Michael often utilizes brazing or welding for his copper instead of soldering because he knows in many instances it will produce a product that will stand the test of time.

Feel free to check out our Custom Sheet Metal Gallery to see some of our outstanding work!